The emergence of China as a powerful and important market makes companies all over the world want to tap into the China market and have a presence in China social media; the best way is by using WeChat Official Account for Business.
WeChat Official Accounts are like a Facebook page where a brand can use to attract followers, broadcast status or articles, and redirect them to a website or e-commerce page. Businesses are also provided with the WeChat Official Accounts Platform to manage them.

Types of WeChat Official Accounts

1. Subscription Accounts (订阅号 – ding yue hao)


WeChat Subscription Accounts are for celebrities or small single individual businesses that need to post a lot of content in a daily basis. Subscription Accounts can send up to 1 broadcast (push message) per day to their followers. This could be a single article or multiple articles bundled together into one larger news update. Alongside your friends in the “Chats” section of WeChat, Subscription Accounts are grouped together in a dedicated folder, named "Subscriptions".


 2. Service Accounts (务号 – fu wu hao)


WeChat Service Accounts are mostly dedicated to businesses and give access to many sales and service-oriented functions available through the platform such as taking payments, ‘shake’ or using WeChat coupons, opening a WeChat store, adding your own Mini Programs and accessing additional WeChat functions.


Service Accounts sit on the first level of contacts and appear as friends in the “Chats” section. Since they are no longer hidden behind the subscriptions folder, Service Accounts are extremely visible; whenever you send a broadcast, your WeChat Official Account will jump to the top of the contact list. However, they can only broadcast 4 messages per month, so use wisely.

3. Enterprise Accounts (业号 – qi ye hao)


Enterprise Accounts are not visible to a normal user, they are designed for organizations’ internal processes and secure communication on a daily basis. These accounts are visible in the timeline in the same way as Service Accounts, but Enterprise Accounts give them a much better way to structure and manage the process with much more security than normal chat threads.


How to pick the right Official Account for your business?

If the content is the core of your product offering then go for Subscription Accounts. If not, Service Account is mostly the right choice as it offers more visibility and features for customer service purposes. There are also companies using both; Subscription Accounts for daily news updates, while Service Accounts for advanced options and increased visibility on a user’s timeline.

Why you need to add WeChat into your Chinese marketing strategy?

Large audience reach: China’s use of social media is increasing faster than the rest of the world, or even what you can imagine. In 2016, China’s digital economy attained RMB 22.6 trillion which means an increase of 18% year on year. Plus, Chinese consumers tend to consider products or services if they see them mentioned on a social media site, which leads to their rising consumption level.


All-in-one services: WeChat allows users to enjoy all the features of Facebook, Uber, Amazon, ApplePay, Snapchap, Skype, Tinder in one app. In 2017, WeChat even developed Mini Programs for businesses to create their own apps right within the WeChat platform so that consumers can easily browse and spend all in one convenient place. Below are some charts from a survey of 50,000 Mini Programs:

Built-in Analytics Platform: WeChat has its own analytics system to track consumer interaction and purchasing behavior, with below features:


  • Day-by-day data on the followers
  • Gender
  • Language
  • User demographics
  • Geo-localization by Chinese province and city
  • Views and likes of each post


Different account options: Depending on the marketing strategy and desired outcome, WeChat gives businesses flexibility to promote their products and services with its different accounts, either Service or Subscription Account. These Official Accounts helps SMEs to improve operating efficiency and trim operational costs, at the same time, fuels the growth of enterprises by improving efficiency, increasing income, and cutting costs. Up to 82.9% of operators are satisfied with the WeChat Official Account platform and more than 50% are very willing to recommend to other organizations.





WeChat is a multi-purpose platform that offers both users and companies real convenience by being able to perform a plethora of everyday activities without needing to switch between many apps. In a country where familiar social media platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube are banned, we can say that WeChat is the only social channel foreign businesses can use to enter the Chinese market, in addition to users who use WeChat outside of China (such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.).









In Today's Marketplace,

You Need This Powerful Marketing Tool

In Today's Marketplace,

You Need This Powerful Marketing Tool

WeChat Official Account (OA): Using WeChat App for Effective Marketing in Business

Founded in 2011 and owned by Tencent, WeChat (微信) has hit 1 billion accounts with more than 700 million monthly active users in the world (500 million from China and 200 million outside of China). WeChat is to China what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are to the western countries, although WeChat is more than just a chat application.

Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about WeChat and its Official Account for Business in this article.


Basic Features in WeChat


At first glance, WeChat looks a lot like WhatsApp but it is much more than that; WeChat offers a virtual smorgasbord of following useful functions, all within one app:


  • Messaging
  • Video calls
  • Moments (like 'Timeline' in Facebook)
  • Interest groups
  • Official Accounts for Business
  • Advertising options
  • Online payments (WeChat Pay)


Users of WeChat Pay can connect their bank account and credit cards to pay for shopping, for doctor appointments, for rent and utility bills, buy items directly from online stores, or even purchase train tickets. Unlike other payment systems, WeChat Pay works on the basis of QR codes. Users just need to get their 'wallet's' QR code scanned by the store to take payment from the related account. They can also transfer funds between each other, with no extra service charges usually.